5 Writers 5 Minutes

1.17 Editing

November 14, 2023 Zanni Louise, Tristan Bancks, Sarah Armstong, Deborah Abela & Lian Tanner Season 1 Episode 17
5 Writers 5 Minutes
1.17 Editing
Show Notes

Welcome back to 5 Writers 5 Minutes! 

In this episode Zanni Louise, Deborah Abela, Tristan Bancks, Lian Tanner, and Sarah Armstrong chat about how to write good dialogue that keeps your story moving forward. 

Visit the authors:
Tristan Bancks: tristanbancks.com
Deborah Abela: deborahabela.com
Sarah Armstrong: sarah-armstrong.com
Lian Tanner: liantanner.com.au
Zanni Louise: zannilouise.com

Music: On The Roads by Evert Zeevalkink
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