5 Writers 5 Minutes

1.5 Using Pictures

August 22, 2023 Zanni Louise, Tristan Bancks, Sarah Armstong, Deborah Abela & Lian Tanner Season 1 Episode 5
5 Writers 5 Minutes
1.5 Using Pictures
Show Notes

In Ep 5, Sarah Armstrong, Deborah Abela, Tristan Bancks, Lian Tanner and Zanni Louise discuss how they use visual inspiration to bring their stories to life.

Visit the authors:
Tristan Bancks: tristanbancks.com
Deborah Abela: deborahabela.com
Sarah Armstrong: sarah-armstrong.com
Lian Tanner: liantanner.com.au
Zanni Louise: zannilouise.com

Music: On The Roads by Evert Zeevalkink
Podcast produced by Jen Pitch: http://virtualcreatrix.com